2015 Sustainability Award Winners


Aqua Systems Video – Service Provider of the Year Award


Eagle Group Video – Member of the Year Award


Wayne Green Team Video – Green Team of the Year Award


HDR Video – Sustainable Business of the Year Award


Nebraska State Fair Video – Zero Waste Award

Keynote Speaker

Mitch Hedlund, founder of Recycle Across America Presentation Video

Prior to founding the society-wide standardized label initiative Recycle AMitch-Hedlund-BW-recycling-bailscross America™ in 2010, Mitch had over 20 years experience in marketing, communications and branding, serving Fortune 500 companies as well as small to midsized companies. In fact, she has relied heavily on those communications and branding disciplines while she developed the society-wide standardized labeling system.

Mitch has proven to be an effective entrepreneur and businessperson by being able to cut through confusion to identify practical opportunities that improve economics, efficacy and participation. She has done this while employed with Dayton-Hudson Department Stores, Fingerhut Companies and when serving her marketing clients for 11 years.

She is a frequent contributor to articles on the subject of recycling and the environment, including Forbes, NY Times and industry publications. Mitch is an ongoing speaker at U.S. conferences and business seminars that have a focus on sustainability and recycling. Additionally, she has been invited to speak internationally, including in Beijing, China, and recently in Brussels, Belgium at the European Union.

As a passionate entrepreneur and patented inventor, she is also a recurring speaker at the Carlson School of Management (a MBA and entrepreneurship program at the University of Minnesota). And her social entrepreneurial work has been chronicled with George Washington University Women Studies.

In 2012 her environmental solutions were deemed “world changing” which won her an Ashoka Global Fellowship. She has won two pro-bono patents for her environmental solutions through a historical USPTO program at the William Mitchell College of Law.

Her solutions have been referred to by the NY Times as “one of the most important environmental fixes of today”.

A Simple PDF about RAA that Recaps the Presentation

The Video of the Beginning of Standardized Time

RAA 30 Second PSA TV Commercial with Angie Harmon

Recent Interview with Mtich Hedlund at MSNBC


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