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Putting Zero Waste principles into practice has much more realistic in recent years as businesses see the impact of minimizing their waste streams and effects on the environment. As one of the most tangible elements of sustainability, zero waste is here to stay and will continue to pervade over corporate culture as tipping fees and regulations increase.

Below are resources for leading your company towards zero waste, no matter the size.

Nebraska Reports

Nebraska Recycling Study 2015

Nebraska Annual Social Indicators Survey (Recycling and Product Stewardship Summary), 2013

Nebraska Waste Characterization Study, 2009

Principles & Guidance

Zero Waste International Alliance (A leader in Zero Waste with the WasteCap approved definition of Zero Waste)

GrassRoots Recycling Network (GRRN’s own principles, developed based on ZWIA standards)

Sierra Club (The Sierra Club’s stance and definition on Zero Waste)

Case Studies & Resources

Commercial Composting (A simple video of one business’ composting operations)

Environmentally Preferred Purchasing (NERC’s project with EPP specifications)

Meckleberg County Solid Waste (Resources from a progressive county in managing its waste)

NEWSMOA Action Plan (An extensive waste management overview from the Northeast Waste Management Officials’ Association)

Road to Zero Waste (A comprehensive history, highlighting another country’s journey towards Zero Waste)

Supermarket Composting Handbook (A guide for supermarket composting, applicable to many sectors)

Unwasted: The Future of Business on Earth (A full length documentary on how businesses, government and providers have partnered for success)

Zero Waste Communities (A presentation on the necessity and path to Zero Waste)

Consultants & Advocates

A Greener Solution (Consultants finding new life for your waste)

COOL 2012 (Advocates for removing organics from landfills)

Sound Resource Management (Working towards Zero Waste)

Stop Trashing the Climate (A collaborative effort displaying the true costs of landfills)

Zero Waste Business Council (Offering certification and education in Zero Waste)


Biocycle (Your resource for finding a compost site)

NC Department of Environment and Natural Resources (Extensive resources on composting)

University of Missouri Extension (Simple resources for starting a compost bin)

WasteCap's Mission Statement

Our Mission: Eliminating waste in Nebraska through innovation, education and policy change.