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Helping support and build your local community can be as simple as volunteering for a few hours or buying from a local business. Look below to find some ways to enjoy and sustain what your community has to offer.

Nebraska Reports

Nebraska Recycling Study 2015

Nebraska Annual Social Indicators Survey (Recycling and Product Stewardship Summary), 2013

Nebraska Waste Characterization Study, 2009

Local Projects & Programs

Cleaner Greener Lincoln (A hub for the Mayor’s Cleaner Greener Lincoln Initiative)

Green Omaha Coalition (A coalition of community members working towards a Greener Omaha)

Green Team Roundtables (WasteCap offers frequent 90 peer to peer conversations on a variety of applicable topics)

Nebraska Business Development Center (Advisement on energy efficient practices and reducing waste)

Think Green It’s Thursday (Presentations open to the public on topics affecting the Lincoln Community, hosted by EcoStores)

Community Health

AAA State of Play (Guide to Going Green at School)

B-Sustainable Information Commons (Information for all facets of sustainability)

Business In The Community (Resources and initiatives for engaging with your community)

Climate Protection Manual for Cities (Resources for sustaining your city)

Eco-cycle (Various resource direct at average citizens and the way they can better their community)

Green Schools Initiative (Resources for creating and maintaining green, healthy schools)

ICLEI (A government focused resource for engaging all elements of the community)

Institute for Local Self-Reliance (A variety of education resources for building self reliant businesses within a health community)

Local Action for Sustainable Economic Renewal (Revitalizing local economies and communities)

Seven Generations Ahead (Planning for the future health of your community)

Share the Wheel (A site dedicated to sharing community sustainability plans and engaging all in the process)


Causecast (A platform for volunteering and donations)

City of Lincoln: Clean Water Program (Educational materials and opportunities for volunteering to keep Lincoln’s water clean)

Volunteer Partners (A growing network of Lincoln area volunteering opportunities)

Green Local Businesses

Lincoln Green Map (An interactive resource for the growing environmental facets of Lincoln)

Bread & Cup  (A restaurant focusing on simple sustainable meals)

George Witt Service Inc. (Lincoln green automotive services for Honda, Acura, Toyota and Lexus repair)

EcoStores (A non-profit dedicated to the collection and repurposing of materials headed to the landfill)

Green Cleaners (Environmentally friendly cleaners for the Lincoln and Omaha areas)

Open Harvest (A Lincoln Coop dedicated to providing healthy, organic and local food)

Pepe’s Bistro (A vegetarian bistro that specializes in using local produce from local providers)

WasteCap's Mission Statement

Our Mission: Eliminating waste in Nebraska through innovation, education and policy change.