Knowing where you stand is one of the first steps on the path to sustainability, and furthering your commitment by confirming your achievements through data is an important way to legitimize your company’s green actions to others.


Measurement & Tools

Alliance for Water Efficiency (A manual for assessing your business’ water footprint)

Building for Environmental and Economic Sustainability Calculator (A calculator for the overall impact of the environmental impact of building and design materials)

California Green Business Program (A helpful powerpoint on environmental criteria and measurement)

Carbon Footprint Calculator (A carbon footprint calculator for the individual)

Electronics Environmental Benefits Calculator (A calculator estimating the costs of purchasing new and disposing of old electronic equipment)

ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager (A comprehensive tracking tool for tracking water and energy usage)

FSU Facilities Calculators (Steam, solar and Recycling to energy calendars for your operations from Florida State University)

Green Globes (Green building tools and certification for measuring existing buildings and new construction)

Green Maven Search Engine (A custom Google search engine for everything green)

Green Pages (An international resource to find providers of resource and environmental management needs)

Green Shipping (Offset greenhouse gases from your shipments with small investments in renewable energy)

Greenhouse Gas Protocol (Greenhouse Gas tracking tools from one of the industry’s leaders)

LES Commercial Bill Calculator (A handy energy bill calculator for businesses from LES)

Practice Greenhealth ( Tools and resources for sustainable healthcare)

Restaurant Life-Cycle & Energy Cost Calculators (A collection of calculators for analyzing costs and energy efficiency of appliances and other items, based on a California model)

Sustainable Facilities Tool (A holistic tool for building and operating efficient facilities)

The Sustainability Consortium (An overview of the sustainability measurement and reporting system)

US Department of Commerce (Sustainable manufacturing metrics toolkit)

US Department of Energy Building Energy Software Tools Directory (A directory of over 400 tools for measuring building efficiency and sustainability)

US Green Building Council (LEED building certification through the US Green Building Council)

WasteFinder Green App (An application designed to monitor, measure and manage your company’s recycling and waste stream and make recommendations to mitigate waste output)

World Business Council for Sustainable Development Tools (A wide variety of helpful tools encompassing a variety of sectors relevant to your sustainable business)

Whole Building Design Guide (A number of tools for building design and performance

WasteCap's Mission Statement

Our Mission: Eliminating waste in Nebraska through innovation, education and policy change.