Running a sustainable business takes proper management, but many benefits can be reaped both socially and economically. Examine the links below to find some of the methodology and benefits of running a green business, as well as consultants, in addition to WasteCap resources, to help you further your efforts.

Supply Chain

The Business of a Better World (Articles related to healthy supply chain management)

Green Supply Chain Network (An updating blog with articles related to creating a more sustainable supply chain)

Supplier Self-Assessment Questionnaire (Criteria for building a sustainable supply chain)

Supply Chain Network (An extensive network of supply chain opportunities)

Sustainability Consulting

A Greener Solution (Leading businesses to profitability through sustainability)

Climate Earth (Working with businesses to create greener supply chains)

Natural Logic (Designing holistic sustainability plans for governments and companies)

Strategic Sustainability Consulting (Advanced sustainability consulting for your business)

UNL Partners in Pollution Prevention (UNL students working with business to reduce costs, risk and resources)

Verdis Group (Creating sustainable solutions for groups in the Omaha area)

WasteCap (Consulting from WasteCap Wisconsin, specializing in construction and deconstruction sustainability)

Environmental Management Systems

Bureau Veritas (Certifying your management system for success)

EPA Environmental Management Guide for Colleges & Universities (Criteria for best managing a college or university)

EPA Lean (A starter kit about the EPA program designed to eliminate waste materials and processes from operations)

EPA Lean & Six Sigma Guidance (An EPA guide to the Lean and Six Sigma programs for environmental professionals)

ISO 14000 (A management system that addresses the environmental aspects of a business)

L3C (A brief on structuring your business as a low-profit limited liability company)

Management Helix (A holistic management system system from Natural Capital Solutions)

Employee Engagement

Best Workplaces for Commuters (An overview of ways for workplaces to accommodate sustainable commuters)

Net Impact: Impact at Work (Employee initiated projects to promote social change from all levels)

Strategic Sustainability Consulting (A series of resources related to engaging employees in sustainability efforts)


WasteCap's Mission Statement

Our Mission: Eliminating waste in Nebraska through innovation, education and policy change.