Getting your business certified for its actions is an excellent way to brand your business’ actions for others to see. The options seen below are some of the most reputable certification agencies, employing strict standards that guarantee the green actions behind their labels.

*WasteCap Nebraska is currently developing their own sustainable business certification that will offer Midwest businesses a manner to display their commitment to sustainability behind the trusted name of WasteCap.


Sustainable Business Certification Agencies

B Corps (A corporation certifying and assisting businesses to become socially beneficial)

Bureau Veritas: Management Systems Certification (Auditing, advising and certifying your business’ management system)

Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes (Criteria and explanation for measuring sustainability in some of America’s largest corporations)

EcoLogo (A rigorous certification program for producers of green products)

Green America (Certifying green companies that also use their business as a vehicle for social change)

Green Business Bureau (Third party certification to set your business apart)

The Green Office (Honesty, third party certification for your workplace)

Green Restaurant Association (Sustainable restaurant certification)

Green Seal (Certifying green products and companies that produce them through scientific testing and third party audits)

Greener Nebraska (Sustainable tourism certification for the state of Nebraska)

Green Omaha Coalition (A form listing the criteria to apply for green business certification through the Green Omaha Coalition)

Institute For Green Business Certification (Helping companies become more green and certify under the IGBC)


Monterey Bay Area Green Business Program Checklists (Criteria for analyzing your business’ sustainability across a variety of business sectors)


As Eco-Seals Proliferate, So Do Doubts (An oversight article warning about the pitfalls of hollow certification)

WasteCap's Mission Statement

Our Mission: Eliminating waste in Nebraska through innovation, education and policy change.