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Green Team Training

Good Company is a training program designed to jumpstart a new or existing green team so that it can move forward with confidence. A green team with the right management system, people and tools will be able to accomplish its goals and integrate sustainability into its company’s mission and culture.

Participants in the Good Company program will learn how to develop a sustainability management system to select, prioritize and manage projects; to organize the team to ensure its effectiveness and longevity; and to write a sustainability plan.

The program begins with a pre-workshop assessment using the Quick B Impact Assessment, a free, online tool created by B Labs used by more than 15,000 businesses to benchmark their sustainability performance compared to others in their business sector.

The Workshop

The Good Company workshop features hands-on exercises to give participants the experience they need to work on their own.  A minimum of four representatives from each company is requested for maximum impact.  Each participating company will be asked to take the B Impact Assessment prior to the workshop and bring the results.

One 4- to 6-hour session
Two 2- to 3-hour sessions

Course description
Section 1- Understanding Sustainability
• Pre-workshop homework: Quick B Impact Assessment (20 minutes)
• Sustainability quiz
• Institutional sustainability audit
• Organizing framework, principles and tools
• B Impact Assessment results

Section 2- Sustainability Management System
• Aspects and Impacts exercise
• Prioritize Focus Areas exercise
• Brainstorm and Rank Projects exercise
• Define project, project support, metrics
• Project integration with long-term goals
• Data tracking
• Creating a Sustainability Management System calendar

Section 3- Organizing Your Green Team
• Focus on You® exercise
• Team Charter worksheet

Section 4- Communications
• Stakeholder analysis
• Project communication planning
• Writing a Sustainability Plan
• Preparing for a Sustainability Report
• Engaging staff
• Keeping your green team energized
• Recognition opportunities

Good Company Workshop Fees

WasteCap Nebraska Corporate Member:       FREE
Non-member:     $75 per person, minimum of four participants


Good Company Seal of Approval

The Good Company Seal of Approval is provided to recognize 3 levels of achievement: Challenger, Leader and Champion.  A window decal will be provided, as well as a digital copy of the Seal with a link to a description of the achievement level.  Qualifying organizations will be listed on WasteCap Nebraska’s web site and recognized during the annual Sustainable Business Awards Luncheon.  Organizations that achieve the Champion level may also obtain a display plaque.

Good Company Seal of Approval Fees

Nonprofit             $250
WC member nonprofit   $200
Business              $750
WC member business   $600

More Recognition

Good Company training can help Nebraska corporations achieve Certified B Corporation status and qualify to register as a Nebraska Benefit Corporation. However, it also provides an opportunity for organizations from all tax categories to achieve the Good Company Seal of Approval, based on completion of the workshop and a minimum score on the environmental portion of the B Impact Assessment.

The workshop will help companies accomplish initiatives leading to eligibility for additional recognition at WasteCap Nebraska’s annual Sustainable Business Awards Luncheon, WasteWise recognition, US Zero Waste Business Council certification, and others.

Past Participants of the Strive Towards Sustainability Program

State Farm

Tenneco Inc. 

Ayars & Ayars Inc.

Assurity Life Insurance

Kaplan University

Ponca Tribe of Nebraska

WasteCap's Mission Statement

Our Mission: Eliminating waste in Nebraska through innovation, education and policy change.