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Construction and Demolition Management

WasteCap Nebraska offers construction and demolition waste management services and market research and development to businesses and developers wanting to achieve LEED status and develop a business model for offering those services.  Through this program, WasteCap assists construction projects with their construction waste management plans, tracking materials recycled and identifying service providers.

Our Scope of Services details the services we can offer to help a construction or remodeling job manage waste in an environmentally friendly way.

1. Write construction waste management plan

WasteCap Nebraska will develop a construction waste management plan and put it into writing for use in the contract documents.  This will include, but is not limited to the following:

A. Description of the project and identification of the construction waste management plan manager

B. Goal for the percentage of waste to reuse and recycle

C. Analysis of the projected types of jobsite waste to be generated, including types and quantities

D. Targeted materials for recycling

E. Responsible parties for various recycling operations (calling in dumpsters, monitoring, educating, documenting)

F. Trash and recycling service provider(s)

G. End markets for all targeted materials for recycling

H. Educational and Motivation plan

I. Waste auditing procedures

J. Documentation procedures

2. Contract with service providers

WasteCap Nebraska has developed relationships with many recyclers and service providers in the Lincoln area.  This allows for recycling of almost every material in a construction project, many times at a discounted price.  This adds to the value to the service.

3. Initial sub-contractor education, Monthly sub-contractor information meetings and prep, monthly contractor information meetings and prep.

WasteCap Nebraska will educate workers on the items that are being recycled and how each item will be recycled.  WasteCap will also provide educational materials for managers on the job to present to their crew members.  Below are items and services WasteCap can provide.

  • Make sure that every new person that comes onto the site is educated about the recycling program. Include waste into your training program. The best way to educate crews is verbally. Educate them before or right when they come onto the site. Provide a one page handout to crews as a reminder of separation requirements.
  • Set aside time to explain the program to all of the subcontractors at the site and instill in them that is their responsibility to ensure that their laborers participate.
  • Bring up waste management at every job site meeting Reminders are important.  Provide feedback to workers.
  • Post clear signs. It is essential to the success of the recycling program that each dumpster is clearly marked.  WasteCap or your hauler may help provide signs.
  • You can create a sign for the fence which promotes success in the program to the public and reminds crews every time they come onto the site that yours is a recycling site.  Tracking month-by-month progress can help to motivate crews to reach your recycling goals.


5. Bi-Weekly spot-checks for waste contamination

WasteCap Nebraska Team members will be on site bi-weekly to insure that the proper materials are getting in the proper waste and recycling containers.  Reports of the findings will be presented to job management.

6. Provide ongoing technical assistance

WasteCap will be available for technical assistance upon request.

7. Document waste management results

Up-to-date documentation of waste percentages will be available throughout the project duration.  This is a good method of ensuring that the project’s initial goal of waste diversion is being met.

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