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Tenneco Inc.

Tenneco Inc.

STS Recognition Level: Striver




• Sustainability is incorporated in company culture–The Green Team meets regularly. Each Tenneco
department is represented with a number of Green Team members.


• Purchases or produces green energy –Partnering with LES to use energy efficient products.

Waste Badge Earned

• Minimizes waste –Product designs reduce waste throughout the production process (slash cut pipes for
• Recycles–Tenneco placed recycling bins around the plant and a larger collection site at the exterior of
the building. All of the bins are easily assessable to all employees. Tenneco also encourages employees to
bring items from home to be recycled.
• Has outputs that are reused or recycled–Scraps are either reused or recycled


• Minimizes water use – Automatic shut-offs in the bathroom sinks.

Employees Badge Earned

• Provides living wage–Salaries start at $15/hr
• Provides an employee benefit package – Provides health insurance, contribute to retirement, have a
profit sharing program, paid sick leave and vacation, flexible hours, health savings account, and Flex
Accounts can be used on childcare.
• Provides employee development opportunities –Training and tuition reimbursement are available.
• Provides jobs for women, minorities and veterans in proportions similar to their representation in the
area– The percentages are in line with the local region.
• Has a communication model that encourages employee input–Employees are encouraged to be on
committees, provide suggestions, and present ideas that benefit the company and work environment.


• Uses local products and services–businesses for food, car rentals, hotels, and suppliers are local when

Official Strive Towards Sustainability Assesment Results