Waste Assessment

Throwing Money Away?

Businesses know that reducing landfill waste is one way to control operating expenses. But how much can it really save? The rule of thumb is that businesses buy an estimated 40% more trash service than needed. It is much cheaper to recycle than to pay hauling and landfill tipping fees for the same amount of material. Other cost saving strategies are vendor selection, service optimization, waste prevention, product substitution and reuse.

WasteCap Nebraska offers two tiers of service to Nebraska businesses to analyze the financial and environmental benefits of waste reduction and identify local waste diversion resources: the On-site Waste Review and the Waste Assessment. The On-site Waste Review analyzes an organization’s waste and recycling program through interviews, evaluation of bills and visual inspection of the facility.  A basic written report is provided with a list of recommendations and resources. This service is free to WasteCap Nebraska members.

A Waste Assessment includes the On-site Waste Review process and takes it to the next level, providing a more detailed analysis of waste streams. The client collects and holds waste and recycling materials for a period of time based on their current collection schedule. WasteCap staff sorts and measures all materials destined for the landfill and the recycling center, recording weight and volume.  A detailed written report contains photographic documentation, customized recommendations and an economic analysis of the current program versus other waste diversion options. The client can utilize this information to establish a solid waste baseline from which to establish goals and measure improvements, for LEED certification and for zero waste certification. WasteCap members receive a 20% discount on Waste Assessments.

In the battle to control expenses and operate efficiently, companies are considering the real costs of wasting materials. Many companies are achieving zero waste status and taking advantage of not only cost savings, but also the recognition and benefits that come with doing the right thing. WasteCap Nebraska’s mission is to eliminate waste for a healthy, clean and prosperous Nebraska. To schedule a waste assessment call 402-436-2384 or email[email protected].

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WasteCap's Mission Statement

Our Mission: To partner business leaders to implement resource conservation strategies that improve profitability, community goodwill and employee pride.