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Businesses all over the world are adopting Zero Waste goals as part of their business models. Many businesses have found that rethinking their operations not only heralded their responsible commitment to the global community and their shareholders, but often found reductions in costs and emergence of new products and revenue streams.


The first steps toward reducing waste are knowing what you’re throwing away. WasteCap Nebraska offers technical assistance with waste audits, reviews and sorts so your business can create the best plan for your needs.

Many companies are now taking back the products they sell for reuse, refurbishing and recycling. These initiatives can be voluntary product stewardship programs or mandatory Extended Producer Responsibility legislation.

Product stewardship means ensuring that all those involved in the life cycle of a product share responsibility for reducing its impacts on health and the environment, with producers bearing primary financial responsibility. Product stewardship can be voluntary or required by law.

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), is a mandatory type of product stewardship in which a producer’s responsibility for their product extends to the post-consumer management of that product and its packaging.

Find who is taking back products at the Nebraska Product Stewardship Initiative

More info at Product Stewardship Institute

Businesses can highlight their sustainability efforts by being certified and becoming members of associations like WasteCap Nebraska and others:


Zero Waste Business Council aims to educate, inform and document the performance of Zero Waste businesses


Zero Waste International Alliance has a business recognition program and other resources for attaining Zero Waste goals

Read about businesses who are succeeding in their Zero Waste efforts:


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Grassroots Recycling Network list of Zero Waste businesses


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Consultants and Advocates:


Eco-cycle (Pioneering Zero Waste Recyclers in Boulder County, CO)

Synergis Zero Waste Group (Sustainable Material Management)

A Greener Solution (Consultants finding new life for your waste)

COOL 2012 (Advocates for removing organics from landfills)

Sound Resource Management (Working towards Zero Waste)

Stop Trashing the Climate (A collaborative effort displaying the true costs of landfills)

Zero Waste Business Council (Offering certification and education in Zero Waste)

WasteCap's Mission Statement

Our Mission: Eliminating waste in Nebraska through innovation, education and policy change.